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The Point Is Living

I met Jordon in Minneapolis quite a few years ago. We met the a hotel lobby and I felt horrible. We spent some time together on a couple of occasions since then, once in the Bahamas. He often offers insight on a variety of subjects. Here Jordon describes how … Continue reading

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Celebrating Advent with Snow Hill

How are you celebrating the Season of Advent? We are offering some daily Advent reflections (Mon-Friday) at I would also suggest you consider subscribing to an Advent blog – Go to Bethlehem and See -  created by Michael Spencer a few years ago. In the past I … Continue reading

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Eyes – Thoughts from the Edge

Learning often comes by watching, especially watching the hands. Much of what I learned about cars, plumbing, roofing, and electrical wiring, I learned from my Dad. When I read the Psalm for this week, Psalm 123, I could not help but think of watching Dad’s hands at work.

The … Continue reading

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