Christ Following

The Point Is Living

I met Jordon in Minneapolis quite a few years ago. We met the a hotel lobby and I felt horrible. We spent some time together on a couple of occasions since then, once in the Bahamas. He often offers insight on a variety of subjects. Here Jordon describes how we must view any movement when it comes to following Jesus. Talking about ideas may be good. Broadening those ideas into generalities may invite more participants in a conversation on a given topic. In the end, however, it is living it. In this case it is living out a convictional understanding of the way of Jesus – right where you are. Not living where you want to be, or wish you were, but living it out right where you are.

Celebrating Advent with Snow Hill

How are you celebrating the Season of Advent? We are offering some daily Advent reflections (Mon-Friday) at I would also suggest you consider subscribing to an Advent blog – Go to Bethlehem and See -  created by Michael Spencer a few years ago. In the past I have contributed a post or two and plan to do so again soon.

If you are still looking for another way to engage in the Season of Advent, you may want to get a copy of The Voice of Psalms. Thomas Nelson just released the Psalms in the new “transaphrase” project initiated by my friend Chris Seay. They offer a reading through some of the Psalms for Advent.

What are you doing to reflect on the Season of Advent?

Eyes – Thoughts from the Edge

Learning often comes by watching, especially watching the hands. Much of what I learned about cars, plumbing, roofing, and electrical wiring, I learned from my Dad. When I read the Psalm for this week, Psalm 123, I could not help but think of watching Dad’s hands at work.

The songwriter used looking at hands as a way to signal where we should set our eyes. Today we would say our eyes should be considering the ways of Jesus. Attentive to the manner in which he loved and cared for people calls from us similar commitments and patterns – if we would keep our eyes on Jesus, the Christ.