Operating Out of a Different Narrative: God and Guns with Amy Butler and Teer Hardy

Just two weeks after the Parkland School Shooting my friend Mary Duren invited four people to contribute to a discussion on the right to bear arms. The traffic on his posts was poor. It seems the news cycle had passed.  Read More

The Bible is the Book for the Church

This past Friday I enjoyed the “Missional Christianity … Church Beyond Boundaries” at Biblical Theological Seminary. Shapevine will offer a DVD of the conference soon. Scot McKnight, Darrell Guder, Tim Keel and Brian McLaren offer thoughts on the subject. The DVD will be worth your money and watching it worth your time. I found this video of another upcoming conference i will not be able to attend. But, my friend John Franke makes a statement that captured my imagination. In fact, Tim and John’s conversation is helpful in clarifying the hope of the conference amidst a love for the Church and the mission of God. I am hopeful Emergent Village or the Nazarene Seminary will record, podcast or video the event. If you can make it, Tim told me there is still room.