Moses, Snake, and Jesus or, Heretical Communities?

Maybe we shun the label heretic too quickly. What if the Apostle Paul aimed to create heretical communities across the Roman Empire aimed at bringing peace in the Way of Jesus?… Continue reading

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More Than Reading Jesus . . . Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday Natalie Tweeted –

Natalie Burris

@natalieburrisNatalie Burris
I wonder how many white evangelical churches this a.m. made a peep about MLK Jr.?

I was five years old when Dr. Marin Luther King. Jr was killed. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Booker, was black. I did not know she was black.

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He Would Be Teaching Sunday School

Lyle teaching? The surprise some would express came not because they thought Lyle was not sharp enough. No, it was really the result of his “first impression” temperament. Quiet. Reserved.

Give Lyle space and a topic and he would surprise those who had only met him once. We experienced … Continue reading

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Derek Sivers and Contextualzation

A quick note to watch this week’s “Weekly Video” in the first sidebar. Click to enlarge. Debates about context and contextualization find their way into a variety of presentations. Here Sivers asks, “Weird, or Just Different?” Too often anything we do not get is just weird. Assuming this to … Continue reading

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Missional Thinking Meets Collaboration in Contexts

Buzzwords generally get hijacked and before you know it the word may not mean what we think it means. Missional may be just such a word. My preference is for “missio dei.” One of my good friends writes about how this descriptor fell on hard times or into “bad” … Continue reading

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