David Fitch

Dangers of Compartmentalized Leadership – Yes! David Fitch

I finally got around to building out another aspect of the blog here at www.toddlittleton.net. Today marks the regular addition of an article on leadership. I have maintained the theme of my original site by designating this section, “Leading from the Edge.” Continue reading

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Honorable Mention . . . The Right Place for the Edge of the Inside

Who wouldn’t like to make the rankings among Christian blogs? In 2012 I entered the SBC Blue Collar Blog Contest over at SBC Voices and won. I did not win for any other reason than a well-oiled campaign elevated to winning heights by two of my biggest fans, if … Continue reading

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God Has a Favorite Place on Earth? Tell Us About It Frank Viola

I met Frank Viola in the fall of 2007, in the Bahamas. Since that time I have followed his writing, though not reading every book. Today I purchased a Kindle copy of God’s Favorite Place on Earth. Why? Maybe it is Frank’s adept marketing. He has proven he … Continue reading

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No Final Judgments – One Southern Baptist and Emergence Christianity

This post was originally written for abpnews at the invitation to offer a Baptist, even Southern Baptist reflection, on the recent Emergence Christianity Event in Memphis, TN.

Friendships transcend labels. More than ten years ago I ventured with a friend to a conference not organized and characterized by my … Continue reading

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