Following Jesus

On the Way – Thoughts from the Edge

Where are you on the way to? Mark 10 offers a couple of contrasting events and conversations in the journey narrative of Jesus. James and John are on the way thinking the Kingdom of God shapes their understanding of the way the world works wherein they will sit on … Continue reading

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For Him, For Us – Thoughts from the Edge

After a break for a few weeks Thoughts from the Edge returns. This week consider the various ways the Scriptures for this coming Sunday demonstrate a variety of turns on the theme of rescue. In the Gospel passage the theme is amplified by a focus on who is not … Continue reading

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Peter Rollins – “No Conviction”

Carl Raschke writes,

Like ancient Israel’s subtle entanglement with local pagan cults, many evangelical Christians, including many postmodern adherents, have seen the power of the gospel dwindle in their lives and their churches because they have gone whoring after the false gods of spiritual and material consumption. Just as

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Finding Normal Against the Backdrop of Incidentalomas

Watchman Nee wrote only one person on earth lived the “normal Christian life.” Many would not quibble with Nee except to note Jesus’ divinity and unique relationship with God certainly “bound” him to the very life lived. Nee as much as affirms the same when he wrote,

What is

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