Do the Next Right Thing: King’s Legacy as Metaphor with Adam Clark

Guilt paralyzes. We suffer beneath the weight of what we have done. The mental and emotional real estate guilt takes up in our lives often leaves us handicapping our next decision.… Continue reading

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I Hate Running, But . . .

I am no Forest Gump. No one ever saw me and said, “He is running,” in her best Southern Gump impersonation.… Continue reading

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“No, I Did Not Kill It.” – Friday Photo

Craig is to spiders what others are to snakes. For him, and my friend Brandi, “The only good spider is a dead spider.”… Continue reading

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Fires Burn in Milford, TX

We moved from Milford, TX in 1994. For four years we served the First Baptist Church there. Kimberly started school in Milford. Tommie would have started Kindergarten had we not moved. I earned my D. Min. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary while we served in Milford. We have good … Continue reading

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I Got You

Posting has been sparse. It may be more so until after Labor Day. Sometimes you just need a break . . . and with your best friend.

So here is to what is important.

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