Will Someone Please Remind the Church It is Quirky or, There Are No Families That Have It All Together

The rest of the blogosphere is parsing Doug Wilson’s words, Rachel Held Evans’ reactions, and Jared Wilson’s apology. Some Southern Baptists, my tribe, are doubling down on their infallible interpretations that others should quickly get if they just read the print on the page. Meanwhile, what my friend Micheal … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Looking for a Shot

You never know where or how you will find the right spot to capture that one photograph. Maybe it is like golf. For most mid to high handicappers we may hit more poor shots than good ones. But, when we strike the ball just right and the result is … Continue reading

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Rough Trail

Two of my best friends have know idea what lies ahead of us. Captivated by the beauty of the dense Forrest, the various streams and rock formations, and the trees reaching to the skies betray how our hike would end.

Paul and Trent – they are my brothers, and … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter-n-Jelly and Theological Conversations, Part 1

Certain things naturally go together. More than thirty years ago Mack and I developed a friendship. Nearly every day of our senior year in high school we made the quick trip to my house for lunch. We did not hit O’Mealey’s just north of the school. We did not … Continue reading

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An Advent Reflection

My friend Todd Hiestand put together this reflective piece for Advent. He found inspiration in Eugene Peterson. Sit back, slow down and think about the Incarnation.

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