Friday Photo – Waiting for Someone

Recently Patty and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast outside of Muenster, TX. We shared dinner and breakfast at this table on a landing outside our room.

People spend their lives waiting for someone. On occasion we find that someone for whom … Continue reading

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Cordell Mows the Parsonage – In Memoriam

Living in a church parsonage, or “manse” as some would be more familiar, presents some interesting situations. Some of my pastor friends shared stories of people walking into the parsonage unannounced. After all, it was the “church’s house.” We did not encounter any of these instances in the two … Continue reading

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An Appeal for a Friend

Rick never asks anyone to do what he himself is not willing to do. He taught me this as I served with him in my first vocational staff position. Over the years he has assisted countless people because he positioned himself financially to be prepared to help. Once again … Continue reading

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(Not) Sponsor – John Franke

According to a recovering addict friend of mine, everyone has an addiction. He may well be right. Tim Keller suggests everyone suffers the possession of a “functional idol.” That is, everyone gives something a place in their life that would change everything were it removed. So religious and non-religious … Continue reading

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