(Not) Sponsors – Marty Duren

advertisehereAdvertisements have become one of the features of many blogs and websites. There is certainly nothing wrong with hoping to monetize one’s love for writing and engaging others thoughtfully. But, this requires a very broad and widely read website. For some of us who write as a means of … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

We enjoyed a great hamburger at this corner stand near Ft. Cobb lake.


olddinerskiboybwwebContinue reading

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Mark Scandrette – Re-Imagine

Thanks to Michael Toy for pointing this You Tube upload of our friend Mark Scandrette. Enjoy the poet.… Continue reading

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The Ooze, Book Reviews and Friendship

My friend Jeff heard about the very first National Pastor’s Convention in San Diego and called to ask if I would like to attend with him. We took the golf clubs and set out for the Town and Country Resort in San Diego. It seems like it was in … Continue reading

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You Want to Know What?

Natalie tagged me with one of those, “tell us some things about you” quizzes that make the rounds from time to time. Following the rules, here goes.

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about himself … Continue reading

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