A Land Beyond or, How the ERLC May Problematize Inerrancy

A crushing blow to inerrancy in the SBC will likely come on June 1st. Since 1979 the accuracy and authority of the Scriptures under the rubric of inerrancy has provided access to the SBC Speakeasy. In a single action the Trustees of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission may re-constitute the standard bearing reference to the importance of ultimate truth among most Southern Baptists.

There are two separate articles that form the most recent news about the upcoming Trustee investigative report on charges against Dr. Land regarding racism and plagiarism due on June 1st. The former has been mitigated by an apology. The latter likely hangs not on what would happen were a student to plagiarize but on the politics of a person’s “body of work.” After all a student has not had the time to amass enough credit to avoid the hook when plagiarism is discovered. Read More

What We Have Known – in Stats …

Paul points to some research we have known either intuitively or by experience (our own or others who are friends). Supports my continued contention that rather than continue to narrow our tribes by the knife of knowledge we should embrace in love. Our own denomination (SBC) continues to look at conformity to the Great Commission as nuanced by leaders and a Task Force yet we have scant reference to the Great Commandment as our governing relational framework.

Take a look at Paul’s post.

Keep Listening to J.D. Greear – GCR

J.D. and I met almost ten years ago – when he was about 26. If he thinks he might not be so young at 36, he sure was then! I like to think I am still young thought ten years his senior. Don’t rush it J.D.! I still recall his hospitality to me traveling by myself while he and his wife attended the meeting in Spain together. While I have written some opinions and suggestions “were we the GCR Task Force“, I believe some of the things J.D. highlights in this piece are well worth heeding. And, his call to pray cannot, and should not be overlooked.

“If We Were the GCR Task Force …” – Marty Gets It Rolling

Missional Marty officially breaks out of semi-retirement to offer some initial thoughts on what is hoped to be a constructive conversation about the latest (G)CR turn in the SBC. In one of the many vintage Duren lines from the post is this point that gets at the heart of the need for the Great Commandment to set the agenda.

Fifth, we would do our best to ensure that these discussions are guided by mission, not by dollars and cents (although sense would be just fine). After all, this is about the Great Commission, is it not? But, because so much talk has been generated about â??efficiencyâ? there is a danger that many decisions will fall under the domain of â??cost cuttingâ? turning the SBC into the denominational equivalent of Big Lots or Goodwill. What should guide us is the missio dei and all decisions should be subservient to that. The mission of the SBC, whether you call it a â??Great Commission Resurgenceâ? or something else, should be seen as within the mission of God, not separate and distinct from it. We would be hesitant to make any recommendations that we could not reconcile with the missio dei.

Cries(es) of Leadership

Seth Godin considers the new leaders to be heretics. (Tribes) In religious settings we eschew the label heretic. Although, the word becomes an incendiary device hurled toward anyone who does not espouse “my” orthodoxy, which of course is “the” orthodoxy.

Ed Stetzer is on record noting another malady – drawing lines over praxis. Southern Baptists have long had a hierarchy of acceptable leadership practices – orthopraxy meant “movin’ on up” the denominational ladder. Preaching out those notorious hetero-praxis purveyors of new forms of leadership/methodologies became a pastime.
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