Geoff Hosclaw

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

It all started with a comment. Rick Davis, a.k.a. Aintsobad, continues to offer his reflections on the current election cycle – Election 2012. Soon he will be found at a new location on the interwebs but we will work to make him easily accessible for those of you who have come to enjoy his writing and our little skirmish over the merits of voting for the franchise.

The truth is I have been reading David Fitch since taking an online class with he and Geoff Holsclaw. David often writes on the politics of the Church in relationship to popular culture. He sits squarely in the Anabaptist Tradition and applies a bit of his own radical revisioning to the mission of God in the world. The good Canadian living in Chi-town mixes it up with his regular reading of the current popular Continental Philosophers. As such he may be blamed for thinking about different ways to say “No” to the power structures institutionalize disadvantaging “the other.”

Thinking through my own reading and sense of now to address the current political decisions, I left a comment at Aintsobad that was picked up as anarchist and chaositist. Read More