Toxic Churches? Toxic People? Not All of Us

Over the past couple of weeks I have read or listened to paradoxical stories. On the one hand I have read how some have been treated in the Church. By “in the Church” I mean to say there are some who are “in the Church” who treat others “in … Continue reading

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Les Miserables – I Am Giving You Back to God

Sometimes a scene in a movie comes along that grabs your imagination and grips your sense of a deep subject. If you have not seen Les Miserables, let me suggest you let this short clip pique your curiosity to the point of a rental or a purchase. It caught … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the Edge – Acts of Grace

The heat here is oppressive. Those without any kind of conditioned air will be under an alert for the THI (Temperature Humidity Index). Warnings have been issues. Suffering in this heat will be common. Either age or existing medical condition will create the circumstance for difficulty. We can be … Continue reading

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