Grandpa Doc

Friday Photo – He Loves Different Textures

Cohen loves the feel of different textures. Maybe it is his way of exploring. When he sits with me in my recliner he love to scratch the texture of the wall. On occasion you can find him scratching the plastic cup holder of his wagon.  His favorite texture is … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Once Small Hands

Ten months! Yes,  a couple of months from now and we will celebrate Cohen’s “First Birthday.” A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed watching Cohen. He is working on crawling and in this photo took a pause from checking out the Living Room.

Looking back over this photo I … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Look At Meeeee!

Look at me! Generally when Cohen spots the camera he stops whatever it is we want to capture. On this day, he saw Grandpa Doc with the camera and stared right back as if to say, “Look at meeeee.”

Well, make no mistake we do.

Next week, Monday, he … Continue reading

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