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Artists Advent Project – Guest Post

The Special Transcendence of Art in this Season

-by Lisa Colón DeLay

The pre-Christmas season of Advent is largely overlooked by both the general population and many (Protestant) Christians alike. This sad omission shortchanges our awareness of the God’s Presence. It undercuts readying the manger of our hearts for a renewed experience of God’s love and presence in one of the most hectic but profound times of the year. It’s the time we may need spiritual fuel the most. It’s a challenge to not miss “the Reason for the Season”, isn’t it?

Even when we are relishing the beauty in observing the Advent Season, it’s hard to share and spread this message of refreshment and joy with others. It’s just. so. noisy.

The disconnect may be hard to bridge as Advent vies for attention among the many assorted activities of November and December. Not least of these is rock bottom prices on goods and services. And, lest we forget, all the preparations that happen for the late November and December holidays. Decorating, cards, cookies, parties, gifts, and so forth. Read More

Guest Post Over at SBC Voices

Dave Miller left for Taiwan. Jeff Musgrave is now Deputy in Charge at SBC Voices. I offered my series Ruled Out of Order as guests posts to help fill the gap left by Dave “Stephen King of Voices” Miller. Dave contributes with solid regularity. His absence may, or may not, create a content gap. Rather than post them as a four part series as I have here, and am finishing up, the first is posted as a stand alone piece under a new title, Needed: Courage in the SBC.

Here’s to hoping for healthy dialogue. Maybe Jeff will not have to “nip it.”