Blue Occupations, Black Bodies and Homelessness: An Interview with Jonathan Russell

 Pastor lives matter. But, that is not the same as #blacklivesmatter. My friend Greg Horton confirmed that to equate pastor lives, an occupation, with black lives, an incidence of birth, is considered the Fallacy of False Equivalency. Or, you may consider it a False Analogy.… Continue reading

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Homeless-ness from the Eyes of the Homeless or, The Homeless One

The Curbside Chronicle represented my best find at the recent Indie Trunk Show at the State of Oklahoma Fair Grounds. Many of the handcrafted items, or locally produced products, lured us to a potential purchase. But, when Robert said, “I have an article in this one,” I was glad … Continue reading

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Jordon Cooper’s New Gig

Here is an illustration of living into your passion, your vocation, before settling for a job.

During those times, I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and I read some good advice that said, don’t look for a job but rather look for an

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