Hurricane Katrina

Why Should Lyle Care?

Six years ago the crisis of the day was New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Today the crisis is Japan. Both demonstrated an incredible power in natural disasters. The chain reaction of events set off in Northern Japan can hardly be fathomed – earthquake, tsunami, (potential) nuclear meltdown as a result, and the threat of another tsunami. The photos online are depressing. Except. Images of people from all over the world loading up to help. Rescue workers, relief workers, aid workers, and governmental pledges give hope in the midst of uncertainty for too many.

Lyle wrote in September of 2005,

Actually be obedient and do what you can to help your neighbor, regardless of social status, race or religous affiliation. And if you aren’t bothered by what is going on, (people dying because they are poor)…..may God bring you to repentance.

Maybe we are a more compassionate people today. Then maybe . . .  Read More