Leaders Are Always Learners: 3 for 20 Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Leaders sometimes fall into various traps for failure to kill hubris. Remember the fatal flaw of the Greek Tragedies? Pride. The Sacred Text warns that it “goes before the fall.”… Continue reading

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Marty Duren Parses “Cult”, or When I Would Rightly Pass as an Atheist

Recently Marty Duren called on the media to stop using church to describe Westboro Baptist Church. He took a bit of flack for suggesting what was and is gong on inside the Topeka compound as more than simple aberrations that could be counted as minor, or tertiary distinctions … Continue reading

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Lyle Reminds Us How We May Inadvertently Hurt Others

Growing up we all heard the limerick, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” I am not sure there is not a greater lie foisted on people, especially children. The childhood jingle does more to ignore the ways words used by those around … Continue reading

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