Jordon Cooper

Already a “State of Emergency”

Sometimes we make decisions in anticipation of what will be. When the “news alert” came by email to my phone I wondered just what it would be like were the threatening “Snow-mageddon” approaching my friend Jordon in Saskatoon. Yesterday I read,

With the wind it was –35 degrees

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My Name Is Not “Those People” – Weekly Video – Worth A Note

My “swim with the sharks” friend Jordon Cooper posted the video “My Name Is Not “Those People.”  (You will find it in on the right side of the site here at The Edge of the Inside. Generally I simply post the video but this one needs a post to … Continue reading

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Candid from Canada – Jordon Cooper on Theological Conversations

One of these days I want to visit Saskatoon. Jordon tells me it is a beautiful place and a trip to Cooper Cabin could be just as fun as  our sharing space in a condo in Nassau. I am always reminded of our need to hear from other perspectives … Continue reading

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