Tornadoes and God or God and Tornados

Living in Tornado Alley we watch weather about as much as we watch Sooner Football. In fact if a storm blows up hours from where we live, Gary will preempt programming so the rest of the state may watch the potential calamity. We are glad for the warnings. It’s just that sometimes, the lack of night vision and distance keep us from really wanting to spend the evening listening to Val cast about in the dark chasing a storm that will never reach us.
Well, a storm reached the Twin Cities complete with tornadoes. The fact that it damaged a church caught the attention of some in the area. John Piper offered his take. Greg Boyd has responded. Marty Duren even examined the story. Talk about a perfect storm. Those aware of the differing theological frameworks these two view the world from could well create another storm.
Tornado1In 1999 what was considered the largest tornado in history at the time hit just south of our church. We are quite the churched area. That is, there are plenty of churches for a tornado to hit. Ridgecrest Baptist Church was razed. The BridgeCreek Church of Christ was not. Neither was Snow Hill, Woodland Hills, First Baptist Church, Newcastle. Not to mention the other dozen in the city limits of Tuttle. Not one time would we or could we ascribe such devastation to a particular act of judgment on that church.

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