Kimberly and Craig

Friday Photo(s) – Cohen, The Difference a Week Makes

Last week we were still awed by the neon lights Cohen soaked up to address his high “bilirubin” count. This week the lights are gone as are the cool shades he was wearing. This week’s “Friday Photo” is a series of three. The first is under the … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Called Me Into Work This Afternoon

I had not been up to see Cohen since Tuesday evening. He gave me the night off last night and so we helped care for others in our community. John and his family found a home on the south side of OKC and needed not just some food but … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Photo

I am testing a new app to write and post to my site with the iPad. Hope this works.

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“Hold Me Momma!” – Weekly Video

Cohen will “officially” be one week old just before 7:00 p.m. this evening. Mom used to always remind us that though our birthdate may be, in my case May 10, we the full 365-24-hour-days had not yet passed. I am certain it was a way to tease us. After … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Day 4 – Blue Lights Shining On Me Video

Brad snapped the now video crazy grandpa last night. The lighting in the room after dark creates quite the backdrop for photos and video. For a couple of days I have had “Blue Skies” running through my head. (You can see my first blue post here.)

When Sinatra … Continue reading

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