Friday Photo – Introducing Oikoshandmade

I want to be creative. I try to be creative. But alas, most of the time the best I can do is enjoy those who are and celebrate their gifts to us.

Our two girls inherited their mother’s creativity. And, that is a good thing. Our oldest, Kimberly, … Continue reading

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Friday Photo On Saturday … Cohen and Marie

The rhythms of life include a variety of experiences. For pastors we often witness the highs and lows, the ups and downs. This week’s photos capture the intersection of those extremes. Marie holds Cohen. She prayed for Kimberly and Craig for the few years they hoped to have a … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – “Like My Hat,” Cohen Alan

“Mommy likes to make me has to wear. Grammy does too.” For the past few weeks we have offered Cohen in a variety of “scenes” where, of course, he is the centerpiece.

When the girls got older and were not so keen on Mom making them things to wear, … Continue reading

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