King David

Kings Do What Kings Do: Temple, Church, People and Housing God (Pt.2)

When I think of other reasons to consider choosing someone else to build God a house I think, “Why no mention of his indiscretion with Bathsheba? Why no reference to the murder of Uriah? No inner turmoil for ignoring the rape of his daughter?”

You may need to pick Continue reading

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Kings Do What Kings Do: Temple, Church, People and Housing God (Pt.1)

It all started with a question. That a pastor gets asked a question about the Bible is not uncommon.

Reading through the Old Testament prompted a young lady to wrestle with the exchange between David and Nathan over David’s desire to build God a house. The narrators of 2 … Continue reading

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Trampling the Abused for Self-Vindication or, Stop Making It About You

Internecine squabbles are blood sport. It appears some care little about collateral damage in the process. I recently wrote a piece wherein I found it incredulous that a campaign is waged to discredit one person by casting suspicion on the realities of another’s personal struggle and abuse.

I realize … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Heroes or, Why Is That Note In My Study Bible?

What do you do with stories that call your hero into question? I have not seen The Dark Night Rises, but when last we left Batman in The Dark Night, his light had been broken and his image tarnished. Dejected he rode off into the darkness pursued … Continue reading

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Friday Saturday Photo – Shepherd, Calf, and One

King David poses problems in the Old Testament Lectionary Text for this week. The Shepherd-Boy-Become-King becomes the predator lion he once killed while protecting his father’s sheep. Reading the story of his pursuit of Bathsheba reminded me of a couple of photos I took when we were in Colorado … Continue reading

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