Not Now But Later – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes good designs fall prey to unseen fault lines. We often fail to account for our own foibles and natural selfishness. When unhindered these “fault lines” unhinge very important and valuable relationships. The texts for this coming Sunday demonstrate God’s good design in creation and human relationships suffer under … Continue reading

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For Him, For Us – Thoughts from the Edge

After a break for a few weeks Thoughts from the Edge returns. This week consider the various ways the Scriptures for this coming Sunday demonstrate a variety of turns on the theme of rescue. In the Gospel passage the theme is amplified by a focus on who is not … Continue reading

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Religion-Less or Religion-Full, Thoughts from the Edge

We often hear much about religion and its either healthy or un-healthy impact on our culture. I saw where a conversation between one of the New Atheists and a Christian apologist had been put in print. The central question concerned whether or not Christianity was good for our world. … Continue reading

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