Lectionary Texts

Sent -Thoughts from the Edge

Discussion and debate around climate change turns on the effects these changes have on human beings and the environment itself. It is allergy season and regardless of the big changes, pollen changes everthing. We will look for allergy medicine for those watery eyes, itchy throats and runny noses. If you are like me, you may be looking for a good freeze knowing it is many months away. One solution would be to be “taken” out of the world – no longer to affected by its environs. But, alas that is not possible. So you determine how to live safely in the world knowing your limitations.

Jesus prayed not for our snappy exit from the world but that we would continue his mission in the world. The tone, tenor and shape of the world would be different with the incarnation. It should continue to be different with the ongoing incarnating work of the Spirit in the life of Jesus’ followers.

Wounded Unity – Thoughts from the Edge

Unity or uniformity. My brother Paul listed his status today as, “Suffering posttaxum depression.” We all are united in the experience of taxation. But, we are not taxes uniformly. When we think of unity in terms of following Jesus conflict often arises over uniformity. Yet, the very experience of the early followers of Jesus exposed a lack of uniformity in experience and expression. Yet, they were unified around the resurrected One. We too would do well to find unity around the resurrected One.

Loam, Compost, Life and Death – Thoughts from the Edge

Gardening, even urban gardening, is a big hit. Grow your own. Sometimes we use compost material, other  times we use loam. These elements pain the picture of life from death. Jesus notes in John 12 that unless a grain falls into the ground and dies it cannot give life. He was speaking of wha his death woud mean – life. Here are some thoughts on two of the Lectionary texts for this week inspired as it were from time with friends Mike and Barry, among many others.

Story Changing Event – Thougths from the Edge

Everyone looks back over their life experiences and may choose an event or events that change their narrative. The human story is forever changed by the Incarnation, Jesus the Christ.