Leonard Pitts Jr

Leonard Pitts Jr on the Shamsia’s Return to School

In Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland he tells of the naming ceremony for his son. He quoted the poet Adrienne Rich,

“If I could have one wish for my sons, it is that they should have the courage of women.”

Leonard Pitts Jr. reflects on Shamsia’s return to school. … Continue reading

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Sharing the Consequences of Our Love of Stuff

I remember Black Monday. We lived in Dallas. We had not money to invest. We did not lose anything in Black Monday. My mentor talked about the effects of that day. No one wants to lose money so when the market “crashed” there was plenty of mourning. It … Continue reading

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Pitts on “Why Believe in God?”

You could say I pound the table for Leonard Pitts, Jr. It is not that I always agree with him. But, it is that he is always thoughtful. Leonard offers these thoughts in a recent column,

”Well, not you per se,” I admitted. ‘It’s about this atheist group,

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The Loss of Truth Affects Us All

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a solid reflection on the toll political sniping takes on truth. It seems anyone may now purport to be another person, write a scandalous piece and mis-represent the truth. When that hit Pitss he wrote,

The brazenness of it struck me. That, and a

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The Problem with Labels … Sometimes they don’t fit

If you have read here long, you know I enjoy reading Leonard Pitts Jr. I first read Leonard as his column finds its way into our local metro paper. For some time I have bemoaned the pejorative use of labels. One of my friends finds them helpful. But, … Continue reading

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