love one another

Extending the Command of Jesus

Minimalist visions often require less than more robust, radical notions. Sometimes I think we forget the trajectory of Jesus’ command to love one another. John-the-letter-writer helps construct the community vision for living out the words of Jesus. But, it cannot stop with the internal habits of an exclusive community. The amazement of the group in Acts 10 opened up a new range of possibilities when they marveled that the Good News had come to a people once considered dogs, those outside the pale. Maybe Parker Palmer will stir something in all of us.

Why Baptists Will Always Have Bogeymen

Ed Stetzer identifies some recent Baptist bogeymen. Dave Miller chimes in upset that Stetzer beat him to the post. Miller expands on Stetzer’s list of sinister adversaries. Miller forgives Stetzer for jumping Miller’s shark. Stetzer apologizes. All is well again in the (Southern) Baptist Blogosphere.

Well, maybe. Stetzer posts his (Southern) Baptist thoughts at Between the Times so as to maintain a wider audience at his personal site. It is an ironic existence no doubt. Ed builds rapport and relationships with a diverse group of conservative Christian denominations and individuals around the Country with the knowledge that some of his more conservative (Southern) Baptists will find this fodder for their own bogey needs.

Dave Miller moderates (SBC) Voices. And, I might add he does a good job. Managing (Southern) Baptist commenters is like herding cats. Dave is ever willing to post pieces he may not entirely agree with but is willing to allow space for more voices. On occasion he has risked reputation and posted a piece or two I have written (here and here).

Stetzer and Miller identify past and present bogeymen in (Southern) Baptist life. It seems we (Southern) Baptists just cannot help ourselves. Read More