Love Wins

Literal and Non-Literal – Franci Chan’s Erasing Hell

Several weeks ago I began a series at Snow Hill on Sunday evenings. I should say we initiated a series. It will officially kick-off in a couple of weeks. This may be a good place to note that this site is hosted and funded by me. Don’t blame Snow Continue reading

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Rob Bell Reveals Antagonisms in Love Wins

David Fitch’s new book, The End of Evangelicalism may well provide something of a hermeneutical approach to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The quick tease. Fitch appropriates Zizek to offer a critique of “evangelicalism.” He takes the reader through Zizek and points out the way ideology functions. Once and … Continue reading

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Love Wins . . . And Continues to Win

Love has been in the news. Today we make some news of our own. Twenty-eight years ago to the day, Patty and I stood and expressed our love in two words, “I do.”

These years later we have filled out the meaning of those two words in ways we … Continue reading

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