Love your neighbor

Love Re-casts Neighbors, Re-forms Neighborhoods – Dallas Willard

“Incarnation is more than a theological word.” – Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard challenges pastors, and all Christians, to see our love for God as the means that funds our love for others, especially our neighbors. I am glad technology allows the preservation of these memorable moments.… Continue reading

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Louisiana College – The Death of Idealism

Dr. W.A. Criswell wrote one book, Why I Preach the Bible Is Literally True. Others sold, as by him, were either transcribed sermon series or compilation works. Amazon does list an autobiography. When, as a young ministry student and avid book buyer, I learned many authors hire ghostwriters, … Continue reading

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Our Very Lives – Thoughts from the Edge

The Thoughts from the Edge podcast returns. Jesus turns the tables and asks a question of his questioners. On its face it seems to have little connection with what he had been asked. What is Matthew up to when he locates these two incidents side by side? Is there … Continue reading

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Lyle On Commandments – Love Wins

I could not resist. A popular pastor’s book by the title “love wins” drops today. That means it will be shipped and I have seen is already available for you Kindle owners. Lyle is not here to weigh in on the matter. I scoured his blog and the closest … Continue reading

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Mail Call . . . Letter (not) from Jesus

Just what I had been looking for. A letter from Jesus. Yesterday, I discovered that Jesus speaks to me through Timothy. Said representative is a self-appointed, though he claims “divine” authority, prophet to the world, the church, and all who will click over to his website.

I generally file … Continue reading

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