Lyle Burris

Lyle Reflects on Habits Forming Us

I would have enjoyed introducing Lyle to the writing of David Fitch. After all, he did read Mark Noll. And, if he knew that Fitch’s latest book references Noll a bit, I am certain he would be intrigued.

But, the greater teaser would be to tell Lyle that David … Continue reading

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Lyle Reminds Us How We May Inadvertently Hurt Others

Growing up we all heard the limerick, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” I am not sure there is not a greater lie foisted on people, especially children. The childhood jingle does more to ignore the ways words used by those around … Continue reading

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What Would Lyle Say About the Rob Bell Stir?

I imagine a lively discussion with Lyle over Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. There is little doubt we would chat about the implications of Rob’s recent round of interviews as we awaited the arrival of the book from Amazon. Like everyone else we would consider his statements … Continue reading

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Lyle’s Wonder

Trees are budding. Lyle was looking toward retirement from the Fire Department. One of his plans was to work the “tree farm” with CB, his Dad.

I am sure at some point he may have built another house, or two. But, he was looking forward to planting trees and … Continue reading

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Lyle On Commandments – Love Wins

I could not resist. A popular pastor’s book by the title “love wins” drops today. That means it will be shipped and I have seen is already available for you Kindle owners. Lyle is not here to weigh in on the matter. I scoured his blog and the closest … Continue reading

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