Mark Driscoll

Piper Casts Foundation for Driscoll

Rather than step in and suggest Driscoll re-think real marriage, as he did when he called Pastor Mark to account for his use of expletives, Piper chooses rather to manufacture a foundation for Driscoll’s MMA vision of Jesus for modern Christianity. Who will hold Piper to account for sloppy … Continue reading

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Gender Roles, Context, and the Church – Who Decides? – Guest Post from Natalie’s Narrative

Locating the subject in theo-ecclesial debates is often determined by who frames the question. Such is often the confusion when inter-changing sex and gender. What would a “minority voice” consider as important in the discussions that often turn rancorous?

Today I offer a Guest Post from Natalie originally published … Continue reading

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Driscoll Calls Out Conference Christians – Irony?

The spectrum is wide when it comes to opinions about “celebrity” Christians. There are those who believe there is a place for such a standing in the midst of a culture that adores its celebrities. The argument would go something like this. If everyone is going to choose a … Continue reading

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Driscoll on “Harsh Language”

I found this video while working through Matthew 15 and Jesus’ confounding words to a Canaanite woman. Making an appeal for her daughter. Oddly Jesus does not offer the same kind of biting retort to the Centurion in Matthew 8. I tend to think Jesus’ words sarcastically represent the … Continue reading

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