Fires Burn in Milford, TX

We moved from Milford, TX in 1994. For four years we served the First Baptist Church there. Kimberly started school in Milford. Tommie would have started Kindergarten had we not moved. I earned my D. Min. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary while we served in Milford. We have good memories of Milford.

One of my friends called just a short time ago to ask if I heard the news. A pipeline exploded just south of town. I had not. We are glad no one appears to have been injured and hope there are no subsequent explosions. Pray for the frayed nerves of residents who are keenly aware that in a field just south of town a fire burns.

Reflective – Thoughts of Nan

Often when we lose a loved on to death we console ourselves with talk of “eternal destinies.” You would expect as much from a Pastor. But, I confess that most of my thoughts have been about living not dying.

It is not that I am in denial. After all, Dad and I were sitting there in Nan’s room and observed she had stopped breathing. Nurses confirmed what we were certain of. After more than 95 years Nan was no longer with us.

No one is perfect and though my memories may prefer such, what I really think about is the way Nan lived in front of us. Never afraid of an opinion and always faithful even when it may have made more sense to do something different.

To say that Nan was meticulous would be an understatement. Tommy and Jason bought her house. Last month the hot water tank went out. On the door frame of the closet where the hot water tank sat was the date it was installed.

Every gift she received was dated along with a note reminding her who it was from. When we would go on vacation, she would track each fishing expedition. Nan would record the number of fish, who caught the biggest, and what the weather was like. Her journals would be an observers dream. Read More

More Than Memories Survive . . . Nathan’s Music

Natalie beat me to it! I have been teasing Nathan since he mentioned his appreciation for running the posts on his Dad. I warned him a photo of him would show up. He threatened to unplug my internet in my office. So, I am at an undisclosed location hoping to hit the “publish” button before Nathan can locate me.

Jessica commented on my Facebook page, “He [Lyle] had many character traits I wish to develop in myself!” Hard to disagree with her. In fact, as I was thinking about a couple of the photos I have of Lyle I could not help but think about Nathan, his son. Those old childhood photos of Lyle are scary close to being the “spitting image” of some of Nathan’s. Lyle is still around. And, if you have hopped over to Natalie’s blog you will find the lyrics of a song Nathan wrote by that title, “Still Around,” you will have seen these lyrics,

The man in the mirror looks like you
I got your smile and your attitude
My hands hug mom like yours would do
I hope I make you proud
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