Missio Dei

What is the new “chortle?” – Missional?

“Missional” is making the rounds in the interwebs in anticipation of a consensus. I suspect pulling a new word into meaning requires antagonists and allies. After all, “missional” still is adversarial to spell check! If missional emerges from the clutches of its varied uses to become a standardized term, what will it be in 140 years? That is, what word will rescue the “mission of God” from its certain fall once “missional” goes out of vogue? Is hijacked? Or for some, the new liberal?

If an attempt at a consensus is to once for all nail language so we may cast this person or that person out for the “wrong” use of the word, then the attempt is really another “line in the sand.” She’s not “missional.” He’s not “missional.” If by missional we mean participation in the mission of God in the world then it should hold a wide enough swath to be used by a variety of groups. That is, unless one group thinks it hasĀ  market on the mission of God over another group.

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Missional Thinking Meets Collaboration in Contexts

Buzzwords generally get hijacked and before you know it the word may not mean what we think it means. Missional may be just such a word. My preference is for “missio dei.” One of my good friends writes about how this descriptor fell on hard times or into “bad” hands somewhere along the way in the last century.

Reifying words is sometimes helfpul, if not difficult. Maybe we could argue for “re-habing” words. Either way, a group of us hope to write and think around the theme of the mission of God, for some missional. We have written together before. This time we collaborate for different reasons. We hope our voices become multiplied along the way. We want to hear and work with those beyond our narrow contexts and see ways in which these influences bring us nearer the practice of Jesus.

Our Introductory post is up at www.missioscapes.com. Subscribe in your RSS reader. Engage in the comments. Send us your contributions. Let’s see what happens when “missional thinking” meets collaboration in contexts.

Sent -Thoughts from the Edge

Discussion and debate around climate change turns on the effects these changes have on human beings and the environment itself. It is allergy season and regardless of the big changes, pollen changes everthing. We will look for allergy medicine for those watery eyes, itchy throats and runny noses. If you are like me, you may be looking for a good freeze knowing it is many months away. One solution would be to be “taken” out of the world – no longer to affected by its environs. But, alas that is not possible. So you determine how to live safely in the world knowing your limitations.

Jesus prayed not for our snappy exit from the world but that we would continue his mission in the world. The tone, tenor and shape of the world would be different with the incarnation. It should continue to be different with the ongoing incarnating work of the Spirit in the life of Jesus’ followers.