Northwest Classen

Remembering Mr. Mott or, My First Encounter With An Ask-Assertive Teacher

He should not take the blame. I am likely not the only one who took something from Larry Mott during their high school days at Northwest Classen. No, I did not take one of his pens.… Continue reading

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Thumping Me With Your Bible

I carried mine to school. After all, it was one of my textbooks. Brother C, we called him, taught Bible History at Northwest Classen High School. In Cotton Patch Bible style, Bro. C would use imagery from the popular, if not scandalous, world of Championship Wrestling to amplify … Continue reading

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Those Were The Days – Mark Anthony Cruz

Many of you remember that student rock-n-roll band from your high school. Oh the memories. We had a couple of brothers who could play and play well. In fact, I do not know two better guitar players than the Cruz brothers – Edgar and Mark. Mark and I graduated … Continue reading

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30 Years? Couldn’t Tell at the NWC ’81 Reunion

Last weekend Patty and I attended our 30th high school reunion. I know we don’t look like we have been out of high school that long. Bite your tongue!

I was glad to snap this shot. These girls spent some time together “back then.” Seeing them laugh about those … Continue reading

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