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Children Call Into Question Production or, A Favorite Writer Demonstrates Empathy

I have not felt very productive for nearly two weeks. The ups and downs that accompany kidney stone pain hardly passes. Today I welcomed a small procedure that eliminated one troubling stone. Another procedure comes next week to take care of another. Maybe then I will be back to some sense of normal and with it have a better gauge of productivity.

Often arguments about the quality of a person’s life turns on the issue of productivity in society. Think issues related to euthanasia. Those of us approaching the downhill side of life’s mountain often wonder at what point will we become the next cultural throwaway. Many long to have control over when that happens rather than leave it to another to decide.

For years I have enjoyed, and been challenged, by Kristen’s writing. We met many years ago. Our paths do not cross often in real time but on the interwebs I am able to read from an honest keyboard. It is all in the story. Her’s is not mine to share. Read More