Friday Photo – Greats All Around

Greatness comes in different shapes and sizes. Great-grandparents and Great-grandchildren are two. We took a number of family pics before we left Edgewater Beach Resort on Lake Taneycomo. Most of the family shots did not turn out so well. Out of the dozen adults in the crew we own … Continue reading

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Just Call Me “Jack”

“Hey Jack.” That was Uncle Stan’s patented greeting to just nearly everyone. We sat around with Aunt Kay reminiscing about Uncle Stan just one day after he failed to survive surgery early Tuesday morning. Nothing moribund when the Littleton’s get together. Well that is not really true. There are … Continue reading

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Rough Trail

Two of my best friends have know idea what lies ahead of us. Captivated by the beauty of the dense Forrest, the various streams and rock formations, and the trees reaching to the skies betray how our hike would end.

Paul and Trent – they are my brothers, and … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Reflecting Brothers

I wonder what they are thinking. We were welcoming friends to a time of “visitation” on the eve of my grandmother’s memorial service.

There is little doubt Trent (right) and Paul (left) were reflecting on any number of memories, anticipations, or prospects for the future.

I always enjoy listening … Continue reading

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They Are Gold(en) – Happy 50th Mom and Dad

My pastor growing up, Bro. Justice, once remarked to my brother Paul and I, “You have a great heritage.” He knew my grandparents – paternal and maternal. He also knew my parents. He was right then, and though he is now gone, he is right today.

Fifty years ago … Continue reading

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