Peter Rollins

Weekly Video – The Eighth Letter from Kester Brewin

“To the Church in North America write . . . ” I happened on The Eighth Letter after the fact. Almost felt as if  the Rapture had occurred. My eschatological view calmed my fears. Some comments on the  event came up via my Google Reader subscriptions. And, as is … Continue reading

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Modern Parables – Peter Rollins and “Being the Resurrection”

“You will speak in parables.” George H. Martin likens the manner given Isaiah to speak in Isaiah 6 to parables. He notes,

“How strange is that? Imagine telling teachers to teach so that children all fail, or imagine a world where we expect traffic cops to create congestion and

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When It Is (The) Orthodox to Be a Heretic – Forgiveness

orthodoxhereticWe live by transactions. Buying goods or selling services, we live by transactions. It is the nature of a consumer economy. Too often the economic structures influence our understanding of the way the world works – and to our detriment.

I would love to give a prolonged review of … Continue reading

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The Orthodox Heretic and Other Impossible Tales

orthodoxhereticI read about this forthcoming book and immediately planned to own it. Several of the parables/tales found in this new book by Peter Rollins are available on YouTube. Today my copy arrived in the mail courtesy of Paraclete Press. The one I have on order will be given … Continue reading

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Parables to Make You Go, “Hmmmmm” – Peter Rollins’ new book

I have offered a few posts on Peter Rollins and his two books, How (Not) to Speak of God and The Fidelity of Betrayal. Over the past couple of months I have offered a few videos of him reading a few of the parables to be found in … Continue reading

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