Peter Rollins

Denying the Resurrection

A few years ago a friend pointed me to some original music he had done. I was intrigued by the title, Practice Resurrection. In the description of the song he pointed to a Wendell Berry poem as inspiration. Since then I have been tying that song title to … Continue reading

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Stetzer Calls On Baptists to “Get Out More” … Gives Draper the Keyboard

Maybe some will listen. In Southern Baptist life there is likely not a more high profile personality that “gets around” than Ed Stetzer. Sometimes the name dropping is over the top, but underneath it all is a model for “getting out more.” Follow Ed on Twitter … Continue reading

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Peter Rollins – The “Orthodox Heretic”

I just received a notice Peter Rollins new book will ship sooner than later. The parables Rollins uses in his writing, some of which are included in the new book, help paint a picture of the way of following Jesus. Sometimes these ways are less than black and white … Continue reading

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Peter Rollins – “No Conviction”

Carl Raschke writes,

Like ancient Israel’s subtle entanglement with local pagan cults, many evangelical Christians, including many postmodern adherents, have seen the power of the gospel dwindle in their lives and their churches because they have gone whoring after the false gods of spiritual and material consumption. Just as

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