Al Mohler’s Postmodern Turn (off) of John Franke

Al Mohler reads John Franke through his deeply embedded cultural, linguistic systems to such a committed degree he seems to be missing John Franke. In other words, when one is accustomed to culture warring where disagreement is expected it is difficult to give any space for the Other/other. Even … Continue reading

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John Franke on the Plurality of Truth

Inter-nicene squabbles are not new. When it comes to truth we face the task of attempting to explain the diversity of Christian traditions for the “one” church of Jesus Christ. John Franke offers a glimpse into his forthcoming book in a blog post over at Adam Cleveland’s website.… Continue reading

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Stetzer Calls On Baptists to “Get Out More” … Gives Draper the Keyboard

Maybe some will listen. In Southern Baptist life there is likely not a more high profile personality that “gets around” than Ed Stetzer. Sometimes the name dropping is over the top, but underneath it all is a model for “getting out more.” Follow Ed on Twitter … Continue reading

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