Health Care for the Least of These – Go Fund Them

One of my friends makes the audacious claim that our attempts to save others may prove a waste of time as those same others may actually be the location of our own healing. Read More

What You May Do With $10

Yesterday’s lunch cost just more than $10. One meal. This week, many in Guatemala will earn just more than $10 a day, or $53 for the week. With just $10 you could help ensure the funding for La Providencia Health Post for two years if we reach our goal. Read More

The Narrow Gate – A Story of Hope

We followed the footpath from the soccer field. It is the dry season in Guatemala. We navigated the trail with ease. We passed through the narrow gate and on a bit further. Soon three structures came into view. A large family shared the two living spaces. Corn was stored under the roof in something like an open attic.

The ceiling of the single room structure revealed a recent festive occasion. One of the young girls in the family had just been married. Soon a young boy entered the room. He moved with a rigid deliberateness. He held out his arms to hug the stranger. As his stiffened arms reached around a man he never met, a smile pierced his face.

We were invited to sit and listen to the story. The young boy sat between Dolores and Bill. Two years ago the young boy would have been hidden. Read More