More than a tale of Adultery and Murder – Thoughts from the Edge

Once again the week got away without a podcast. Sometimes living by a rhythm disrupts the schedule of life.

Occasionally there comes a text of Scripture which creates a bit of dissonance with well established sensibilities. Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward brought the familiar story of David and Bathsheba Continue reading

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Words and Their Power – Davis begins a new series

So I admit at the outset I am biased. Years spent with, talking to, and learning from my mentor have left their mark. Rick begins a new series. The subject? Gossip. Read this first piece and you will likely be hooked on the whole. You need not be in … Continue reading

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Non-violent Resistance … Loving “Others”

Last month I listened in to a conference call with Anthony Smith, who blogs at Musings of a Postmodern Negro. Anthony spared us some of his time to reflect on leadership in reference to power. The course tended to wrestle with gender issues. But, the matter of race … Continue reading

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