New Project for Life – Remembering Ashkelon

We met the Garner’s almost three years ago. We sat in the NICU at OU Medical. Kam and Cohen both were born premature. After about four weeks you feel like family. Not everyone who waited there shares our story. The obstacles to many born early are insurmountable. But, we … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Dreaming and Waiting

Tuesday Cohen hit the 3 month mark. Just one day after the start of “National Preemie Awareness Month.” We have learned quite a bit in these last three months. One is to pay attention. These little ones change fast. It is not that other babies don’t experience … Continue reading

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Pitts’ Requiem and the NICU

Often in the midst of facing your own mortality, or the prospect of what might be with one you love, a community develops out of common or shared experience. Over the eight days we have been to the NICU at OU’s Children’s Hospital we find ourselves with more than … Continue reading

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