Mentors – Get Some: 1 of 20 Looking Back, Looking Ahead – Part 1

I am no Charles Spurgeon. Were I to write something similar to his, Lectures to My Students, it would not be read widely and not reach the acclaim Otis David Fuller lauds on Spurgeon’s book full of advice and instruction.… Continue reading

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Friday Saturday Photo

A few weeks ago Charlie and me looked for some photo opportunities after the snow. We do like the reflecting pool at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  Floating in the very shallow pool was this “snow glacier.” Yes, that is my description. The online version does … Continue reading

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Thoughtlessness and Moral Failure

Arendt came to the striking conclusion that thoughtlessness – that is, the failure to think reflectively about the world around us, our actions, and their possible consequences – can be a moral failing of the highest order. (“Blueberries, Accordians, and Auschwitz, Geddes,” Culture, Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies,

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(Not) Silent Night … A Video Reflection

Silent Night, considered the most popular Christmas “hymn” or “carol,” spurred a video reflection we used in our Christmas/Advent presentation of, “It’s (Not) Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas.” Brad posted the video on our You Tube channel. I post it here for your own reflections and … Continue reading

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The Breeze

Writing has been sparse for a number of reasons not the least of which was an enjoyable week at camp with our students. Each morning we invited our students to spend some quiet reflective time with the Scripture listening to the Spirit of God. One morning I found the … Continue reading

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