Peanut Butter-n-Jelly and Theological Conversations, Part 2

Mack and I came about faith a bit differently. I grew up less than a block from the local Southern Baptist Church we attended as a family. We three boys made “professions of faith” early on. (This summer I hope to write a series that would be something like … Continue reading

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Subverting the Norm – Against Silos, Part the Second

Everyone has a pet name for his or her grandparent or great grandparent. One set of great-grandparents we referred to as “Granny and Pa on the Farm.” Yes, it is stating the obvious to note they lived on a farm. When we would make the drive to southern Kansas … Continue reading

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Jones and Hansen – Conversation Partners

I am glad to have spotted the conversation between Tony Jones and Collin Hansen over at Christianity Today. Ed Stetzer has noted two movements expressing energy/vibrancy among Christians – Emergent/emerging church and the Reformed movement among younger leaders. I am hopeful this e-mail dialog will be the kind … Continue reading

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