They Like Big Buts . . . You May Too

If you did not read carefully, you may have mistaken a conjunction for a noun. Spelling is key. Taking note of words and how they are used both spares of embarrassment and enlightens.  Read More

He Didn’t Know My Name: An Interview with Teer Hardy

Maybe it was the spelling. One would expect that after a year the supervisor would know his name. Time to reconsider what lay ahead. Read More

Heard at the Urinal Or, Cursed by the Double Bind

Of all the things I have been told about aging, one thing is true. Never pass up a chance to visit the Men’s Room. Little did I know what I might hear along the way. Read More

John’s Decrease … And Our Own – An Advent Mashup for Pastors

Twenty years ago I published my first article. My mentor had a relationship with a magazine editor in charge of one of our denominational periodicals. Rick suggested to Richard that he should invite me to write a couple of articles. What to write? Then, as today, any hint of ministry success was quickly followed by, “What did you do?” Church growth models were touted at conferences, in magazines, and in conversations. Have you tried [blank]?

Try as I might I could not offer anything revolutionary. Nothing worthy of a book. I found it hard to fill out an article length piece. I decided to just tell the story. Context meant something. Conditions could not be ignored. Convictions about the value of people and promoting healthy relationships mattered. These seemed to be more Christian common sense than mining some hidden Scriptural truth. Read More

Reconcling Perpendicular People – Thoughts from the Edge

Funny how things are at odds with their proper place. People too often experience the feeling of being perpendicular to the way the world works as well as how we live in relation to other human beings. The big picture project entails bringing together all things in Christ – reconciliation.

The Revelation 7 passage from the RCL for this week provides a visual image of what it would look like for people from everywhere to stand in reconciled relationship with each other. It would be a picture of people form every nation, tribe, language and tongue.

Christian communities of faith may gift their local communities with living illustrations of reconciled relationships. Too often we gift our communities with the more of the same – just how may we go on living perpendicular to one another. Rather than living at odds maybe it should be that odd people find freedom in whole relationships because of Jesus. And, the peculiarity evidenced is less about how we may stand out in the crowd and more about how we stand next to others in the name of Jesus.

What are your thoughts?