Jesus In Real Life – Recent Article for the Tuttle Times

I enjoy writing a regular piece for our local newspaper, The Tuttle Times. My assignment is “religion, spirituality.” The recent piece, Jesus In Real Life, connected how we love and are loved with Steve Carel’s character, Dan Burns, in Dan In Real Life.


Dan attempts to

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Friday Photo – Head In The [You Fill In the Blank]

I thought this might be a good political photo. Who knows what statement the owner intends. You may have a caption you would suggest. If you do, leave it in the comments.

If we stay with politics I wonder how John Stewart would utilize this photo.

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Help Me Name My Column

Quite a few years ago a small newspaper publisher made a run at a second paper in Tuttle. The editor offered me the opportunity to write a regular column. I chose the title, “Could it be?” I often submitted the same piece to the Tuttle Times. … Continue reading

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Vonnegut – “Go to church.”

Imagine Kurt Vonnegut telling anyone to go to church. I confess to having not read Slaughterhouse Five. But, I should. And may. The sale table at Barnes and Noble offered a buy on Armageddon In Retrospect, a collection of unpublished short pieces on war and peace by … Continue reading

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Poverty and Passion – Thoughts from the Edge

Jesus calls attention to the “religion” of the widow who gave out of her poverty. Rather than applaud the well-adorned religionists with their wealth he pointed to the practice of the woman. Today we tend to applaud the religious celebrities – those we elevate. We like how they articulate … Continue reading

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