Poverty and Passion – Thoughts from the Edge

Jesus calls attention to the “religion” of the widow who gave out of her poverty. Rather than applaud the well-adorned religionists with their wealth he pointed to the practice of the woman. Today we tend to applaud the religious celebrities – those we elevate. We like how they articulate … Continue reading

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Religion-Less or Religion-Full, Thoughts from the Edge

We often hear much about religion and its either healthy or un-healthy impact on our culture. I saw where a conversation between one of the New Atheists and a Christian apologist had been put in print. The central question concerned whether or not Christianity was good for our world. … Continue reading

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Tony’s Rollinseque Turn on Relgion Beyond Religion

Call me obsessed. But, reading Tony’s post this morning gave a great illustration of a very good Peter Rollins phrase. Too many times there are more illustrations of religion beyond religion than religion connecting people with God. What do you think?… Continue reading

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