Revised Common Lectionary

Surviving the Bible: A Conversation with Christian Piatt

The Youth Minister gave a new meaning to, “throw the book at him.” Originally the phrase meant to charge someone with as many crimes as are possible. Consider it throwing all the law at someone. Maybe, that is in fact what happened. Rather than take his questions seriously, the … Continue reading

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Northsider – Thoughts from the Edge

I grew up on the north side of Oklahoma City. Today that same description would draw objection. Areas much further north have developed since those days. But, the address would still signal north.

Those of you who have lived in areas of geographical divide may immediately get the reference … Continue reading

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Practice What You See – Thoughts from the Edge

How would Paul compel two women to get along when it is recorded that he and John Mark had a falling out that extended to he and Barnabas? Time softens? Maybe. This week’s RCL texts are mashed up in this week’s edition of “Thoughts from the Edge.”

One thought … Continue reading

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