What We Have Known – in Stats …

Paul points to some research we have known either intuitively or by experience (our own or others who are friends). Supports my continued contention that rather than continue to narrow our tribes by the knife of knowledge we should embrace in love. Our own denomination (SBC) continues to look … Continue reading

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Keep Listening to J.D. Greear – GCR

J.D. and I met almost ten years ago – when he was about 26. If he thinks he might not be so young at 36, he sure was then! I like to think I am still young thought ten years his senior. Don’t rush it J.D.! I still recall … Continue reading

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Watergate, GCR Task Force, SBC – Next?

A group of us initiated a new collaborative blog last week. Marty Duren offered the first post in a series titled, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Would …” My contribution to the series posted early this morning, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Continue reading

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Cries(es) of Leadership

Seth Godin considers the new leaders to be heretics. (Tribes) In religious settings we eschew the label heretic. Although, the word becomes an incendiary device hurled toward anyone who does not espouse “my” orthodoxy, which of course is “the” orthodoxy.

Ed Stetzer is on record noting another malady – … Continue reading

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