Watergate, GCR Task Force, SBC – Next?

A group of us initiated a new collaborative blog last week. Marty Duren offered the first post in a series titled, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Would …” My contribution to the series posted early this morning, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Continue reading

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Cries(es) of Leadership

Seth Godin considers the new leaders to be heretics. (Tribes) In religious settings we eschew the label heretic. Although, the word becomes an incendiary device hurled toward anyone who does not espouse “my” orthodoxy, which of course is “the” orthodoxy.

Ed Stetzer is on record noting another malady – … Continue reading

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More of the Same – The Glimmer is Coming off the GCR

Seems like Southern Baptist state newsletters, er uh, newspapers like to be the center of attention. Last week the Baptist Messenger ran a note a graphic used in a previous issue of a “Proclamation on Morality” to be a “misrepresentation.” Talk about soft retraction.

If the shimmer comes off … Continue reading

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Guest Post at SBCImpact

I have written maybe three posts in the past 12 months on the SBC. All of them since the recent SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville. Some recent events led me to consider writing the third. I queried SBCImpact about putting up the post there. They accepted the post and … Continue reading

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