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Maybe We Are Stuck or, Godin, Block, and the SBC

Dave Miller cannot escape Calvinism no matter how hard he tries. He notes that less than 48 hours of deciding to steer clear of the subject he found himself posting about the recently formed advisory team on Calvinism. We are stuck.

I do know what Dave is talking about. Like many who visit SBC Voices and follow the comment threads it is hard not to notice that the dividing lines over Calvinism flare up no matter what the theme of a given post may be. Recently Dave asked if he could re-post one of my pieces in an attempt to change the subject. He wanted, needed, a break. After more than 170 comments, Dave got his wish. There were two comments that could have sent the thread into the never-ending debate over Calvinis, but commenters refrained.

I believe we are stuck. If you have ever been stuck, you know how terrible is the feeling. Read More

Godin Meditates On Leap Year – What if?

I sat in a meeting this morning. A young fellow noted that today was his dad’s “11th Birthday.” Now that is age defying! Every four years you get to celebrate your birthday if you were born on February 29.

Seth Godin offers a Leap Year meditation. It is brief. Here is part of what he wrote,

Once in four years, just once, perhaps we could:

Forgive, forget, relax, care, stand out, speak up, contribute, embrace, create, make a ruckus, give credit, skip, smile, speak truth and refuse to compromise–more than we usually do. Pick just one or two and start there.

Not a bad thought. And, what would it be like if these were every day practices?

Photo Credit – Rick Harrison

Following Godin’s Advice … Dreaming of Theological Education on Demand

I am nearing my trek through Seth Godin’s Linchpin. One of the ways Godin has prodded me is with his suggestion that many keep what they are thinking to themselves out of fear of what the “teacher” might say. He contends the “lizard brain” resists innovation and is driven by fear. So about the time someone has a good idea, the lizard brain convinces us, through a variety of excuses, to bury the dream.

For many in my vocation questions represent a fault line along which it is perilous to travel. That is, if we begin to ask questions ourselves. And really some would contend it is not a matter of asking questions that is the bad instead it is instead being unprepared with the “right answer.” Many times people then choose to simply keep the questions to themselves. With no safe place in which to comfortably ask questions and pushing for something other than the “approved” answer, many wither from the inside.

Over the years I have found some safe places to question and think through a variety of responses. These friends are occasionally on someone’s “unapproved” list. Read More

Cries(es) of Leadership

Seth Godin considers the new leaders to be heretics. (Tribes) In religious settings we eschew the label heretic. Although, the word becomes an incendiary device hurled toward anyone who does not espouse “my” orthodoxy, which of course is “the” orthodoxy.

Ed Stetzer is on record noting another malady – drawing lines over praxis. Southern Baptists have long had a hierarchy of acceptable leadership practices – orthopraxy meant “movin’ on up” the denominational ladder. Preaching out those notorious hetero-praxis purveyors of new forms of leadership/methodologies became a pastime.
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