Late Friday Photo(s) – Aye Mate … First Halloween for Cohen

What to be for the first “Halloween?” A pirate of course. Arghhh. Grammy made the blanket and the outfit. Eye patch and ear ring included courtesy of WalMart.

The little guy continues to grow. He weighed in at 9 lbs. this morning. I generally get my Friday Photo up a bit sooner. But this morning I had an early conference call, and a couple of other phone calls to make. Cohen arrived before I was able to get to posting. After all, he did need to make sure Grandpa Doc was doing well. Mommy watched Grammy sewing on another project.

I have heard there is a bow tie in the offing. Can’t wait to see how this is showcased with the little fellow.

The second photo was taken just across the river north of our house. Deer grazing.

Enjoy! We do.

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Friday Photo – “Like My Hat,” Cohen Alan

“Mommy likes to make me has to wear. Grammy does too.” For the past few weeks we have offered Cohen in a variety of “scenes” where, of course, he is the centerpiece.

When the girls got older and were not so keen on Mom making them things to wear, the sewing machine was put away. The serger was laid to rest. Yarn stayed in the closet.

Things have changed. The sewing machine and serger sit out on the table. Thread and yarn are in abundance. Patty has made some of Cohen’s hats. Kimberly has made others. Here is one of the more creative. What a “pose!” (Photo by Tommie Marshell)

Enjoy. We do.

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